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Message from Community Advisory Board Chair

J.C. Hurtado-Prater, Chair

I am proud to lead the UC San Diego's Chancellor's Community Advisory Board (CCAB). Our committee is composed of talented and experienced community members from diverse areas of San Diego who value, support, and care about this world-class university right here in our own backyard. Our primary objectives are to advise the Chancellor about community issues, raise awareness about the important role and positive impact of UC San Diego in our community, and be advocates for the university and public higher education. We are part of the Chancellor's call to bring the San Diego community into the UC San Diego community.

UC San Diego is building a campus environment, focusing on being a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university. We host events for students, elected officials, and other community members to connect people and strengthen the ties between the campus and community to create a positive impact not only in our region, but also worldwide.

J.C. Hurtado-Prater, Chair