Transforming UC San Diego

In this video, Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla talks about the evolution of the UC San Diego campus, which is transforming physically, intellectually and culturally.  Chancellor Khosla says he arrived at a pivotal time in our university’s history in 2012 – after our 50th anniversary and during a period of record student growth. UC San Diego had already achieved so much over our first five decades, and it was a good time to figure out how to maintain our upward trajectory.  That led to the creation of UC San Diego’s first-ever Strategic Plan. The Chancellor points out two great things that came out of the process – enhanced communication and a re-energized focus on students.

Conversations about UC San Diego’s future took place all over campus in a way that had never happened before, and the emphasis of the student as the center of activity forced us to rethink many of our strategies. These include increasing the number of undergraduate colleges at UC San Diego, expanding our infrastructure, enhancing the student experience and strengthening our connection with the community.

Hear Chancellor Khosla talk about why he is excited about UC San Diego’s transformation, our $2 billion Campaign for UC San Diego, and the future of the university.