Using Citizen Science to Improve Human Health

UC San Diego is leading the American Gut project – over 10,000 citizen scientists who are finding out about all the tiny microbes that inhabit their bodies – assisted with a consortium of over 100 researchers around the world.  Today, the UC San Diego Center for Microbiome Innovation, led by Professor Rob Knight, held a symposium to celebrate the first publication of the American Gut Project in the open-access ASM journal mSystems.  Chancellor Khosla welcomed the audience and talked about the importance of this project in discovering and better understanding our microbes and microbiomes, and he pointed out that this project is unique in using citizen-science, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding so everyone can get involved.  The American Gut project is based out of Rob Knight’s lab, one of the largest microbiome research labs in the world.

Professor Rob Knight

Professor Larry Smarr