Thank You for a Campaign Like “Non” Other

After 10 years, it is my great pleasure to share that we concluded the Campaign for UC San Diego on June 30, 2022. Together, we have made an impact like "non" other. Thanks to gifts of all sizes from nearly 164,000 donors, we raised more than $3.05 billion in support of our students, innovative research, campus and community, and health and medicine.

When you connect brilliant faculty, researchers and scholars with the greater community and visionary donors, something remarkable happens. Like minds connect, resources meet experts, and collaboration sparks innovation. And through the Campaign for UC San Diego, our community gave us three billion reasons to keep exploring, to keep discovering, and to keep impacting the world around us.

Geisel Library with Campaign for UC San Diego "Impact Like Non Other" slogan

Our 10-year Campaign surpassed all expectations, raising a billion dollars more than our original $2 billion goal. These resources have transformed our university physically, culturally and intellectually. They have fueled groundbreaking progress to address some of society’s most pressing issues such as Alzheimer’s, climate change and homelessness. They have increased scholarships and fellowships, expanding access to world-class education. They have uncovered new treatments, trained the next generation of healthcare leaders and empowered exceptional patient care. And they have built new, modern facilities, specially designed to connect collaborators from both inside and outside the university.

Belief in UC San Diego as a force for change generated support for exciting research in medicine, pharmaceutical sciences and public health, biological and physical science, marine sciences, policy management and social science, and arts and humanities. And belief in UC San Diego as a treasured public asset has built new community enrichment spaces, arts and cultural attractions, and community collaboratories.

Not only are we a preferred destination for education, medicine, research and arts and culture, but we are also the region’s newest meeting hall, family room and community workshop.

I am grateful for the partnership and support from the more than 164,000 alumni and friends who contributed to this Campaign. I am grateful for the dedication of our passionate, talented and diverse faculty, staff and students who make UC San Diego truly distinctive.

For the energy, leadership, wisdom and generosity that everyone has contributed to the Campaign and to UC San Diego, I simply and sincerely say, thank you. Thank you for helping us. Continue the nontradition.