Taking a Mindful Approach to the BRAIN Initiative

“To be successful, this initiative will require multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional collaboration.  The fact that this is already happening bodes well for the long-term success of this initiative.” 

- Chancellor Khosla

Chancellor Khosla urges policymakers, including Senator Ellen Corbett (pictured), to support brain research.

Several California leaders in academia, industry and government, including UC San Diego faculty, participated in a public hearing on the UC San Diego campus today to discuss how the State of California can actively work to meet the challenges and opportunities of the BRAIN Initiative.  The meeting was initiated by the California State Senate Select Committee on Emerging Technologies, which is chaired by Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett.  President Barack Obama unveiled the BRAIN Initiative last April, challenging scientists to chart the function of the human brain.  UC San Diego responded by creating the Center for Brain Activity Mapping.  Chancellor Khosla opened the hearing and encouraged the policymakers to support the effort.  He emphasized the leadership role of UC San Diego and the San Diego region in this type of research, and also talked about the collaborative efforts already underway to move the initiative forward.