Supporting Scholars through Their Academic Journey

“We are here to provide you with a world-class education and a wide-range of opportunities so you can achieve your goals and dreams.” – Chancellor Khosla

This fall, we are welcoming a new class of more than 100 Chancellor’s Associates Scholars to UC San Diego, bringing our total number of scholars on campus to 215.  The scholarship was created in 2013 to improve the pathway for local qualified students to achieve a higher education at UC San Diego.  At last night’s welcome reception, Chancellor Khosla initiated a new tradition for all three classes of the scholars – a “pinning” ceremony.  The pinning signified the unity of the students as scholars and their formal induction into the Chancellor’s Associates Scholars community.  Many faculty and staff members also attended the event to show their support of students through their academic journey at UC San Diego.

Director of International Center Kirk Simmons pins Chancellor's Associates Scholar Amaris Tang.

Chancellor's Associates Scholar Terral Salcedo received a pin from Professor Ross Frank.

Chancellor's Associates Scholars Samar Mashni, Belen Hernandez-Garcia, Karla Penaloza-Valdez and Angela Ojeda.

Students take selfies with the Chancellor.

EVC - Academic Affairs Suresh Subramani mingles with students.

VC - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Becky Petitt talks with Belen Hernandez-Garcia (above) and (below) VC - Student Affairs Juan González chats with scholar Daniel Ortiz and Instructor Harry Simón Salazar.

Chancellor Khosla talks with Martin Mourgos, Jamiree Harrison and Anthony DiGiorgio.