Strengthening Community Connections

Top left to right: Sonia Honne-González, Chancellor Khosla, VC Juan González, VC Becky Petitt; Bottom: Edwina Welch, Glynda Davis, Bob Brown, David Arambula, Patricia Macedo

Chancellor Khosla is committed to fostering positive relationships between the campus and our community.  To recognize the strong support of the Chancellor’s Community Advisory Board (CCAB) and San Diego Chicano/a Concilio, the Chancellor invited members of the community organizations to a reception at Geisel University House this week.  At the gathering, Chancellor Khosla emphasized the shared goals of the attendees in supporting students and faculty, and ensuring that UC San Diego continues to provide an important public service to our community.   

Clockwise from left: Jessie Fernandez, Maria Elena Ochoa, Alberto Ochoa, Norma Cazares, Carmen Sandoval

Clockwise from front left: Karin Winner, Ana Maria Muñoz, Bertha Lopez, Ray Rodriguez, Brian Tran, Diana Olea, Marnie Brookolo