Showcasing the Best of UC San Diego

Chancellor Khosla with faculty speakers Michael Tolley, Gentry Patrick and Steffanie Strathdee in New York City

UC San Diego is building a stronger Triton network by connecting alumni and supporters around the nation with the university through UC San Diego and You.  The program is designed to deliver groundbreaking research and other exciting projects happening on campus with our alumni and friends where they live.  This week, two UC San Diego and You events were held on the east coast – one in Washington, D.C. and one in New York City.  At the events, Chancellor Khosla recognized the success of UC San Diego alumni and how their achievements positively reflect on the university.  He also shared the advances we are making toward our Strategic Plan goals and our vision to transform UC San Diego to meet the evolving needs of our campus members.  Each event featured three faculty speakers who shared how their research is changing our world.  

UC San Diego and You in New York City

Chancellor Khosla with alumnus John Houston in New York City

Chancellor Khosla with faculty speakers Henrik Christensen, Anita Raj and Gentry Patrick in Washington, D.C.

UC San Diego and You in Washington, D.C.

Chancellor Khosla with alumnus August Mao in Washington, D.C.