Shaping a New Era in Healthcare

Thomas Moore, Steven Garfin, Chancellor Khosla, Michael Madani, David Brenner, Patty Maysent

UC San Diego’s School of Medicine is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, as well as the faculty who have defined our health sciences and what we can achieve.  A special investiture ceremony was held recently for our health sciences faculty endowed chair holders.  Chancellor Khosla presented the faculty members with commemorative medals and thanked them for shaping a new era in healthcare and strengthening the power of academic medicine at UC San Diego. 

An endowed chair is the highest honor the university can bestow on our faculty members.  It represents an investment in our talent and our future, fueling our revolutionary pursuit to understand, treat, and eventually cure devastating diseases.  An endowed chair also enables us to recognize and advance faculty members’ passionate pursuit of groundbreaking innovation, life-changing care, and exceptional education of the next generation of medical professionals. 

Chancellor Khosla and Ming Tsuang

Douglas Richman, Joshua Fierer, Thomas Patterson, Steffanie Strathdee, Anita Raj, Igor Grant, Michael Oxman

Maria Elena Martinez, Steffanie Strathdee, Catriona Jamieson, Patty Maysent, Maike Sander

Chancellor Khosla and Lars Bode