Return to Learn: Mid-Term Update

There are many things that make me proud to be the Chancellor of UC San Diego. Our innovative and non-traditional ethos. Our world-renowned faculty and groundbreaking research. Our Changemaker spirit. But over the past several months, the thing that has made me the most proud is the commitment and spirit of community that have defined our response to a global pandemic.

In March 2020, I sat down with Chip Schooley to talk about what we were facing, as a university, as a community and globally. While few knew what to expect, UC San Diego knew how to respond: with our characteristic and unique interdisciplinary collaboration, adaptable planning and the commitment of our entire campus community to Return to Learn and uphold our mission as a student-centered, research-focused and service-oriented university.

It worked. Today, I am as proud as I have ever been to be part of this Triton community. I am awed by the resiliency of our students, faculty and staff. I am encouraged and optimistic about what lies ahead for UC San Diego, and your role in creating a future in which all of us can thrive. I am thankful, for each of you, your flexibility, your commitment and your continued support as we chart our path forward. 

With the support of many people across our campus, we have created a short video highlighting the shared successes of our Return to Learn approach. Enjoy.