Recognizing Superb Service to the Campus

“Thank you for making a direct and lasting contribution to our campus and community.” – Chancellor Khosla

Top Row: Chancellor Khosla, Michael Datte, Joanna Mickle, Debbie Pino-Saballett, Kelley Thompson, Asst. VC Tom Leet; Bottom Row: Cesar Figueroa, Minerva Nelson, Thanh Maxwell, Tonia Snee (not pictured: Beverly Bernhardt, Linsey Sala)

UC San Diego recognizes staff members who’ve gone above and beyond to serve our campus and our greater community at the Exemplary Staff Employee of the Year Award ceremony every year.  This year’s ceremony was held yesterday at the Faculty Club.  Chancellor Khosla was on hand to personally thank and give the awards to the 10 honorees for their proactive and innovative leadership and service.  To learn more about the honorees, click here.