Recognizing San Diego’s Young Scholars

San Diego Unified School District Board Vice President Sharon Whitehurst-Payne, UC San Diego Campus Planning Specialist Bob Brown, Urban League of San Diego County Board Chair Gustavo Bidart, San Diego City College Outreach Coordinator Trevor Walker, Assemblymember Shirley Weber, Chancellor Khosla, CCAB member and CEO of Urban League of San Diego County Ray King, COO of Urban League of San Diego County Al Abdallah, Ashford University Professor Newton Miller, SDSU Chief Diversity Officer Aaron Bruce 

UC San Diego continues to partner with the Urban League of San Diego County to recognize and promote the academic accomplishments of local underrepresented high school students with a 3.5 GPA or above.  Over the weekend, the university hosted the Urban Leagues’ 27th annual Golden Pyramid Scholars Program ceremony.  Chancellor Khosla welcomed the young bright scholars to the campus, and encouraged them to continue to pursue academic excellence and apply to UC San Diego.  He also shared his commitment to ensure financial resources are available for all qualified students and he talked about the creation of the Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship for local and high-achieving students.