Recognizing Commitment to Diversity

Chancellor Khosla with this year's honorees

The 22nd annual Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action and Diversity Awards ceremony was held earlier this week. The event honors staff, faculty, students, departments, and organizational units or groups that have made outstanding contributions in the areas of equal opportunity, affirmative action, diversity and the UC San Diego Principles of Community.  Before presenting the awards, Chancellor Khosla and Vice Chancellor Becky Petitt emphasized that diversity is a priority at UC San Diego and talked about some of the progress our campus has made to enrich our campus climate—from welcoming our most diverse incoming class of students last fall to creating the LEAD Fellows Program that provides leadership training to ensure diversity and excellence across campus.  Learn more about this year’s honorees.

Chancellor Khosla and VC Becky Petitt with the Housing Dining Hospitality Cross Training Program honorees