Honoring Service to UC San Diego

“Thank you for your dedication to our campus and community, and for playing an integral role in advancing our Strategic Plan goals and mission.” – Chancellor Khosla

Chancellor Khosla with ACT Programmer Analyst James Rodriguez, who has worked at UC San Diego for 40 years.

More than 500 staff members are celebrating a milestone anniversary at UC San Diego this year, and they were honored today at the 48th annual Service Awards Ceremony.  Three people were recognized for working at UC San Diego for more than 40 years.  The Chancellor expressed his appreciation to all of the hardworking staff members for their dedication to the campus and their contributions to the university community.  He also pointed out that the combined service of this year’s honorees totals more than 18 million working hours, or 8,935 years if worked by one person. 

Chancellor Khosla with Director of Recreation Classes Judith White, who has worked at UC San Diego for 35 years.