Honoring Faculty Excellence

“These faculty members are exceptional educators, scholars and civic leaders, and their passion for advancing knowledge and dedication to positively impacting our society is remarkable.” – Chancellor Khosla

Congratulations to the 2014 Faculty Excellence Award winners:  Leslie J. Carver, Lin Chao, Stephan M. Haggard, Susan Narucki, Ramamohan Paturi and Susan S. Taylor.  The six UC San Diego faculty members received the distinguished award for their contributions in teaching, research, community service, and the visual and performing arts, as well as their commitment to scholarship and diversity.  Since UC San Diego’s Chancellor’s Associates established the awards program 40 years ago, more than 100 faculty members have been honored with the award.  Chancellor Khosla personally congratulated this year’s recipients at the ceremony, and thanked them for their positive impact on our students, our university and our community.