Honoring Alumni Achievements

“Our alumni honorees exemplify what it means to be a Triton, as they are making a positive impact on our community and world.”  - Chancellor Khosla

Steph Barry, Sherri Lightner, Tim Gallaudet, Chancellor Khosla, David Peterson, Bruce Beutler, Ashley Van Zeeland, Jerrilyn Malana

Each year during Alumni Weekend, UC San Diego recognizes brilliant and esteemed graduates who have brought distinction to the university through their leadership, professional achievements and personal accomplishments.  This year, five alumni were honored during the Alumni Celebration on Saturday night.  The newest recipients of UC San Diego’s Distinguished Alumni Award are Nobel Prize winner Bruce Beutler, Navy Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet and City of San Diego Council President Sherri Lightner.  Entrepreneur Ashley Van Zeeland and language creator David Peterson received the Emerging Leaders Award.  

During the ceremony, Chancellor Khosla talked about the important role our graduates play as ambassadors, advocates, role models and inspirations for our next-generation Triton leaders.

Chancellor Khosla chats with alumni Andy Nahas and Chris Yanov, as well as Reality Changers students.