Leading the Way in Sustainability

“When I arrived on this campus, I was jaw-droppingly amazed at the number of sustainability projects here and the commitment of our campus members to our green initiatives.  We are coming up with innovative practices, implementing them and showing the world how it’s done.” – Chancellor Khosla speaking at the Sustainability Town Hall

Sustainability is an important part of who we are and what we do at UC San Diego, and it was the focus of a Town Hall meeting today.  The gathering was held as part of the unit- and department-level assessments associated with the campus-wide strategic planning process currently underway.  At the beginning of the session, Chancellor Khosla thanked the attendees for being a part of the discussion and helping to ensure a sustainable campus, now and well into the future.  The event organizers then talked about the accomplishments that led the campus to become one of the greenest in the nation and participants brainstormed new ways to maintain our leadership in sustainability.