Encouraging Veterans to Seek a Higher Education

“Student veterans enrich college campuses, bringing valuable life experience to the classroom and an unparalleled dedication to service.” – Chancellor Khosla

Assemblymember Rocky Chavez, Billiekai Boughton, Chancellor Khosla, John Cerda, Timothy Borch

UC San Diego hosted a special one-stop higher education conference for military service members and their families to showcase college and career opportunities.  “Military Pathways to College Success” was held at the Price Center over the weekend and featured admissions representatives from UC San Diego, as well as several higher education partners, including San Diego State University, University of San Diego and Cal State San Marcos.  The conference included workshops on college admissions, a student veteran panel and information on financial aid.  Chancellor Khosla gave the welcome address, encouraging the service members to pursue a higher education and to check out UC San Diego’s new Student Veterans Resource Center.