Congratulations, Class of 2016

“You are part of an extraordinary UC San Diego community, a network, a family, and you are forever a UC San Diego Triton. This is your university.  This is your home.” – Chancellor Khosla

Thousands of graduates, family members and friends gathered at UC San Diego this weekend to celebrate the commencement of more than 8,000 new alumni.  A revived tradition this year, the All Campus Commencement kicked off the weekend of festivities on Saturday morning.  Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize recipient and founder of the global microfinance movement, served as keynote speaker and received the UC San Diego Medal from Chancellor Khosla.  

Professor Yunus told the audience that one idea and one action can benefit millions of people, and he encouraged our newest graduates to use their education to solve our world’s problems.  Chancellor Khosla touted the accomplishments of our graduating class, as well as our alumni, and urged them to take inspiration from others but forge their own paths.  After the All Campus Commencement, the colleges and graduate programs hosted their individual graduation ceremonies.

All Campus Commencement keynote speaker Muhammad Yunus and Chancellor Khosla

Vice Chancellors Pierre Ouillet and Juan González with student speakers Karina Mohajerani and Alberto Vasquez

A drone captures graduates holding blue and gold paper above their heads to create the 2016 image.

The School of Medicine commencement was held on June 5.

Graduates from the School of Medicine