Congratulations, Class of 2013!

“You are going to make the world a better place.  We will be watching you and taking pride in your accomplishments.” – Chancellor Khosla

UC San Diego’s commencement weekend is officially underway.  Hundreds of students turned out for the All Campus Graduation Celebration on RIMAC field Friday evening.  The event provides undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to have an informal graduation celebration with their friends outside of their college or academic school.  At the ceremony, Chancellor Khosla reminded the crowd that UC San Diego is their home, and that he hopes they return often.  The undergraduate colleges, graduate studies and IR/PS ceremonies are on Saturday and Sunday.

Students watch a video at the All Campus Graduation Celebration.

The Chancellor thanks the All Campus Graduation Celebration keynote speaker, actor and alumnus Robert Buckley.

The Chancellor and Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs Penny Rue attended the student leader reception before the All Campus Graduation Celebration.

After the all campus celebration, the Chancellor attended three affinity graduation receptions, including the Black Student Graduation Ceremony.  Throughout the evening, he thanked all of the graduates for making UC San Diego a better place and urged them to apply their education to change our world.