Advancing Research that Benefits Society

UC San Diego is co-hosting the Cavendish Global Impact Forum this week, along with several of our institutional partners on the Torrey Pines mesa.  The purpose of the forum is to unite the world’s top scientists and physicians who are driving major advances in health and medical outcomes with the individuals and family foundations who have a passion for sustainable philanthropy and impact investing in areas of global importance. 

To kick off the four-day forum, Chancellor Khosla and Vice Chancellors David Brenner and Margaret Leinen talked about how UC San Diego has helped to establish our region as an emerging global innovation hub in life sciences, precision medicine and technology.  Dr. Irwin Jacobs and Dr. Drew Senyei both shared their passion for investing in impactful research at UC San Diego, while several UC San Diego professors including Kim Prather, Larry Smarr and Rob Knight discussed their cutting-edge research that has the potential to change human health and our world.