Transforming Lives through the Preuss Promise

Ann Dynes, Bob Dynes, Peggy Preuss, Pradeep K. Khosla, Scott Barton (photo credit: Carol Sonstein)

Chancellor Khosla was among the 200 people at the annual Benefit Celebration for The Preuss School UCSD on April 19.  During the evening’s program, the Chancellor emphasized his support of the school and his belief that all qualified students deserve equal access to a top-notch, affordable education.  He also touted the new Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship program at UC San Diego which will provide support for eligible students from our three local partner schools, including Preuss.

Attendees were treated to live music performances by Preuss students, as well as robotics, science and art displays and demonstrations.  A live auction was also held to raise funds for the school and its longer learning time.

Students Showcase Research and Collaboration

More than 200 engineering graduate students displayed their research projects at the annual Research Expo on April 18.  After viewing the posters, Chancellor Khosla spoke to the crowd, which included campus members, alumni and industry leaders.  He applauded the work of the students and their faculty mentors, and talked about the importance of multi-disciplinary collaboration in solving the world’s most pressing and complex challenges.   He also noted that the Research Expo is a showcase of the collaborations occurring every day on campus and encouraged the industry leaders in the room to hire our talented graduate students.

UC San Diego Working to Ensure Accessibility and Affordability for Local Students

"We are making a commitment to this community and to our country to make higher education accessible. We wanted to set an example and that is why we created this scholarship."  - Chancellor Khosla

Chancellor Khosla hosted a special reception for select high school students and their parents at Felix’s BBQ with Soul restaurant in Southeast San Diego to announce the creation of the new UC San Diego scholarship for local students at our three partner schools - Gompers Preparatory Academy, Lincoln High School and The Preuss School UCSD.  The Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship program will provide the eligible graduates, who’ve been accepted to UC San Diego, with a four-year, $10,000 annual scholarship and their tuition will be covered by the University’s Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan.  Chancellor Khosla asked the students to raise their hands if they planned to come to UC San Diego and several hands shot into the air.

Out of the 45 students eligible for the scholarship, 17 have already signed their statement of intent to register at UC San Diego and many others said they planned to come here.  Chancellor Khosla said, “We want a campus that is reflective of our community.  We want bright, motivated and promising students from San Diego to stay in San Diego, to get a world-class education they deserve right here.  Financial concerns should not stand in the way of their potential, their future.”  To learn more about the Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship program, click here.

Chancellor Khosla holds up a Triton honor cord.  Each admitted student received one.  Chancellor Khosla said, "We hope you will wear this cord with pride, today and at your UC San Diego graduation ceremony one day."

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