Celebrating a Community Treasure: Park & Market’s Grand Opening

big scissors, a large blue ribbon with UC San Diego Logo, and six people behind it cutting the ribbon to mark the grand opening of the UC San Diego Park & Market

From left, Betsy Brennan, president and CEO, Downtown San Diego Partnership; Bruce Mayberry, chairman of the board, San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce; Mary Walshok, associate vice chancellor for Public Programs; UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla, Mayor Todd Gloria and San Diego City Councilmember Stephen Whitburn (District 3).

Ten years ago, we learned that a trolley extension plan would eventually connect UC San Diego’s main La Jolla campus with San Diego’s vibrant and diverse downtown. This exciting news sparked questions, such as: How could UC San Diego best capitalize on this accessible transportation connection? What would result if we bridge our campus with the unique cultural, social and economic communities located downtown? What bold new ideas could be generated by bringing together creative minds in an accessible, flexible and inclusive space? How could we design a new campus extension to advance our mission as a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university? As we sought these answers in collaboration with our visionary supporters, the creative concept of Park & Market came to fruition. We selected the location in the heart of downtown San Diego and got to work. And this month, steps from the Blue Line Trolley stop, we brought this innovative idea to life.

Alongside Mayor Todd Gloria and countless friends and supporters, we joyously cut the ribbon at the grand opening on May 6th. This long-awaited moment signified the culmination of many years of planning and extraordinary vision. Together, we celebrated the inception of this brand new hub for civic engagement, exploration, collaboration and learning. We enjoyed a performance by the talented Voices of Our City choir—the first of many cultural experiences that will be regularly offered to the public. As we toured the state-of-the-art spaces, we envisioned the future possibilities. It truly was a grand opening.

Voices of Our City Choir performed for attendees at the opening.

Voices of Our City Choir performed for attendees at the opening.

Throughout the ceremony, our speakers shared the many ways this world-class campus extension will facilitate collaboration, serve the community, and build connections in our dynamic, bi-national region. In that spirit, we look forward to welcoming over 10,000 community members each year. Park & Market will expand educational opportunities to previously underserved areas, advance equity, diversity and inclusion, and provide enriching experiences for students and community members of all backgrounds. Individuals with diverse viewpoints and areas of expertise will join together to tackle common goals, creating something greater than anyone could alone. The possibilities are endless as we lift UC San Diego’s strategic vision to new heights.

UC San Diego Park & Market in downtown San Diego

UC San Diego Park & Market in downtown San Diego.

Now that Park & Market is officially open, we welcome you to visit often and experience everything it has to offer. Come explore your curiosities. Experience a performance in the stunning Guggenheim Theatre. Catch an independent or foreign film at Media Arts’ Digital Gym Cinema. Marvel at the art installations created by regional and national artists in the gallery. Host or attend a business meeting in an executive conference room. Or, reinvent yourself by enrolling in an academic certificate program to pave the way for a brand new career path.

Guests listening to presentation in the lobby of the new UC San Diego Park & Market building in downtown San Diego

Guests listening to a presentation in the lobby of the new UC San Diego Park & Market in downtown San Diego.

With the opening of Park & Market, UC San Diego continues our storied history of unconventional thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration for the greater good. We encourage brilliant minds to work together to generate the next great ideas because that is what a premier public university does. Physically, Park & Market occupies a city block downtown. But in connection with the community, Park & Market’s impact will surely reverberate throughout our bi-national region.

Read more about UC San Diego Park & Market.

UC San Diego Condemns Antisemitism

UC San Diego unequivocally condemns antisemitism and other forms of invidious discrimination. We recognize and acknowledge the long and tragic history of violence against the Jewish community and firmly oppose anyone who promotes hatred.

We are proud that UC San Diego is home to a diverse group of people with different experiences, opinions, perspectives and points of view. This rich diversity of people helps further UC San Diego's ability to foster an environment in which all people are included and given an equal opportunity to learn, explore and interact with new and challenging ideas.

As a public university, UC San Diego is governed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which guarantees the right of free expression to all people. Freedom of expression and freedom of inquiry are paramount in a public research university and form the bedrock on which our mission of discovery is found. For that reason, the university vigorously defends the principles of the First Amendment and academic freedom. Each member of the university community is entitled to speak, to be heard, and to be engaged based on the merits of their views. This is true for speech we support, and it is true for speech we strenuously oppose.

It is a great disappointment that some speakers on our campus may choose to exercise their right to free speech by advancing antisemitic points of view, and while those speakers have a right to be heard, they do not have a right to be free from criticism. Please visit our Freedom of Expression website to learn more about free speech.

This week, we were greatly disappointed to receive reports of antisemitic behavior and vandalism on our campus. This is not acceptable and goes against our Principles of Community. The incidents aimed at our Jewish students not only hurt them deeply, but also hurt our entire community and undermined our shared commitment to inclusive excellence.

Ending bigotry and racism starts with each of us. Please join UC San Diego as we stand with our Jewish students and the Jewish community in denouncing all forms of antisemitism. Our campus is a celebrated home to diverse students, faculty, staff and organizations with a wide range of interests, ideas and points of view. We are committed to making sure everyone in our campus community feels that they belong and that they matter. This is our commitment to ourselves and to each other.

Pradeep K. Khosla

Becky R. Petitt
Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Triton Days: Envisioning the Future at UC San Diego

Chancellor Khosla with students at Triton Days 2022

Chancellor Khosla with students at Triton Days 2022

Each year in April, UC San Diego’s admitted students are invited to campus for an uplifting event as part of Triton Days. Designed to give potential Tritons the opportunity to envision their futures as members of our inclusive campus community, this series of events culminates with a campus celebration showcasing all UC San Diego has to offer. Each participant is offered the chance to explore our beautiful campus, ask questions of professors and say a first hello to potential career colleagues and lifelong friends. They learn more about the vast array of opportunities and resources offered to support their well-being and continued success. This moment represents a pivotal point in their academic careers as many make the life-changing decision to enroll at top-ranked UC San Diego. It’s an empowering and inspiring day.

Acceptance to our prestigious university signifies the culmination of a lifetime of hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence. This year, UC San Diego received a record-breaking number of applications for admission. These accepted students should be exceedingly proud of their standout accomplishments. Each applicant was carefully selected for admission based on a unique combination of academic excellence, demonstrated achievement and potential to excel in our rigorous, collaborative learning environment. It was a privilege to welcome them and feel their enthusiasm for this exceptional campus.

Chancellor Khosla waving to students on Library Walk at Triton Day 2022

Chancellor Khosla waving to students on Library Walk at Triton Days 2022

Our incoming Triton students choose UC San Diego as the ideal destination to cultivate their curiosity and nurture their academic and creative pursuits. They are inspired by our collaborative, interdisciplinary mission, world-class faculty and extensive research opportunities. They appreciate the arts and culture celebrated among our diverse and vibrant student body. And they seek to challenge their brilliant minds, drive innovation and create positive change in our world. As leaders and changemakers, they see themselves living and learning at this state-of-the-art campus and becoming thriving members of our welcoming Triton community. For these students, UC San Diego is the perfect match.

Chancellor Khosla congratulating a student for choosing UC San Diego during Triton Days 2022

Chancellor Khosla congratulating a student for choosing UC San Diego during Triton Days 2022

Year after year, Triton Days showcase an exciting glimpse into the future of our community as we engage the scholars who will soon join us. Our future students brim with optimism as they envision their dreams and ambitions at this student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university. I look forward to welcoming many on campus in the fall as they embark upon this journey and say yes to UC San Diego. 

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