Join me and ask Congress to ‘Double the Pell’

Double the Pell - Chancellor Khosla with students on Library Walk

Chancellor Khosla joins Associated Students President Manu Agni and students on Library Walk to ask Congress to 'Double the Pell.'

This year, the nation’s most important program for college affordability turns 50. Since it was created in 1972, the federal Pell Grant has helped low-income students pay for higher education. Unlike a loan, Pell Grants do not have to be repaid. And for many students, a Pell Grant provides a foundation of financial aid to which other aid may be added. These grants have given millions of students access to higher education, but over time its purchasing power has diminished. You can help change that. 

Student holding up a Double the Pell postcard

Colleges and universities all over America are celebrating this significant anniversary by calling on Congress to make doubling the Pell Grant a priority in the next federal budget. I joined Associated Students President Manu Agni and students and staff on Library Walk this afternoon to ask Congress to 'Double the Pell.' And you can too.

Join our Government Relations team on Library Walk tomorrow or Wednesday from noon to 3 p.m. Take five minutes to fill out a postcard asking your member of Congress to take action to Double the Pell. Post a picture of you and your postcard with the hashtag #DoublePell on social media, and we'll mail the postcard directly to your Representative. Easy and effective. 

Chancellor Khosla filling out his Double the Pell postcard for congress

Chancellor Khosla completes his 'Double the Pell' postcard.

Here is my message to Congress: "The world’s most impactful innovations have come from brilliant minds educated by American colleges and universities. Because of the Pell Grant, many of these minds have come from underserved and underprivileged communities. Double the Pell to adequately invest in the next generation of brilliant minds that drive new waves of discovery and promote greater economic prosperity for all Americans."

Chancellor Khosla holding his Double the Pell postcard

Chancellor Khosla holding his Double the Pell postcard.

Cost should never stop anyone from going to college. Congress has the opportunity to double the Pell Grant's maximum award so that higher education is accessible for today’s students and for generations to come. I hope you join me in asking Congress to Double the Pell. 

Hopkins Drive Bikeway Dedicated In Time for Bike to Work and School Day

Chancellor Khosla with Earl Edwards, Josh Kavanagh, Manu Agni and others look into the camera just before the red ribbon is cut to open the new Hopkins Drive Bikeway at UC San Diego

Chancellor Khosla with Athletics Director Earl Edwards, Executive Director of Triton Auxiliary Programs & Services Josh Kavanagh, Associated Students President Manu Agni and others cutting the ribbon to open the new Hopkins Drive Bikeway at UC San Diego.

Infrastructure for biking and walking are essential parts of an active and vibrant campus. Biking and walking provide safe, healthy and environmentally friendly ways to circulate throughout our 1,200-acre campus. On Monday, we dedicated the Hopkins Drive Bikeway, our newest dedicated path for micro-mobility. Protected bikeways like this one enable students, faculty, staff and visitors to confidently choose to bike, skateboard or scooter to their desired destination quickly and safely.

Micro-mobility infrastructure projects like the one on Hopkins Drive extend the reach of the UC San Diego Blue Line Trolley to our entire campus. This helps us reduce car traffic, improve air quality and use land for academics and housing rather than for parking lots. 

Green arrows on the pavement means for bikes and micro-mobility

Green arrows on the pavement? Reserved for bicycles and other wheeled micro-mobility. 

The Hopkins Drive Bikeway is an important part of UC San Diego’s commitment to improving connections both on and off campus. We are committed to upgrading and/or building new infrastructure that improves dynamic interactions. 

Improvements like these improve our overall quality of life on campus. There is more accessible green space. Wayfinding is easier, more direct. And we become more connected to one another and more connected to the greater San Diego community.

Separating wheeled travelers from pedestrians in the campus interior, as in this section of Ridge Walk, helps improve safety for all.

Separating wheeled travelers from pedestrians in the campus interior, as in this section of Ridge Walk, helps improve safety for all.

May is Bike Month, and tomorrow is Bike to Work and School Day. I encourage all Tritons to take a ride and experience the campus by walking, biking, skateboarding or scootering.

Take the pledge to ride tomorrow, then meet up with the Transportation Services team in Town Square between 6 and 9 a.m. for food, fun and freebies with event partners from Campus Bike and Skate, Spin, Fly Rides, and HDH. Make sure to log your trip in Triton Commuter Club to earn double points for our quarterly e-bike drawing from Transportation Services and Fly Rides and special Bike to Work and School Day drawing sponsored by your UC San Diego Bookstore.

Statement in Support of Communities Impacted by This Weekend’s Mass Shootings

The Triton community grieves with and offers our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those killed and wounded in Buffalo, Orange County and other communities that experienced mass shootings over the weekend.

It is distressing that shootings and acts of violence in our nation and in our local communities happen so frequently that issuing a statement in response to each incident feels ineffectual, but we must name hate, racism and white supremacy when we see it, acknowledge the suffering it causes, and take action to help stop it from spreading. As a community of scholars, we have the power to combat hate and ignorance. We have the power to help promote and celebrate the differences that make us unique, thoughtful, valuable contributors to a diverse and vibrant world.

While we do not know details of all of the incidents, authorities in Buffalo have indicated that the perpetrator intended to shoot Black people. He killed 10 cherished members of the Black community and wounded several others. They were mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandmothers, church members, public servants – all beloved family and community members. They all lost their lives to race hatred and senseless violence. 

We also know that a gunman opened fire inside a church in Laguna Woods, killing one person and wounding several others. The killer’s motive remains unknown at this time, but all the victims were congregants of the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church. These types of targeted, violent acts rob communities of color of their right to live the full, free, unterrorized lives to which we are all entitled.

UC San Diego condemns all acts of racism and violence in the strongest terms, and we continue to stand in solidarity with our Black and Asian communities at UC San Diego, in our local community, in the U.S. and around the world. 

These all-too-frequent shootings are horrifying and heartbreaking, and we know members of our Black and Asian communities are exhausted, fearful of being targeted, and find it challenging to process these terrifying acts. People process pain in very different ways. Therefore, we ask everyone in our community to extend compassion and understanding to community members who may be struggling during this time. Your Triton community is here for you and ready to help. 

Support Resources for Students and Employees

Students seeking immediate mental health and coping support may reach out to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 858-534-3755.

CAPS resources include Community Forums – spaces in which students are invited to discuss thoughts and feelings regarding any socio-political stressors and campus/community critical incidents. Today – May 17, 2022 – there will be a Black Connections session at the Black Resource Center, with the goal of connecting and healing ‘in community.’

Other specific forums include: Grief and Loss Support for both undergraduate and graduate students; Black-identified Student Support Forums; and an APIMEDA Community Forum for students impacted by anti-Asian violence.

Campus employees can contact the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program at (858) 534-5523. UC San Diego Health employees can call (866) 808-6205, company code UCSDMC or review information pertaining to the Employee Assistance Program on Health HR's website. 

Together, we can overcome hate through continued education, advocacy and compassion.

Pradeep K. Khosla

Becky R. Petitt
Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusio

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