About the Chancellor’s Office

The goal of the Chancellor’s Office is to support the Chancellor’s leadership of UC San Diego in fulfillment of its mission of teaching, research and service to society. Responsibilities that fall within the Chancellor’s Office range from outreach to the San Diego community to fiscal management in accordance with UC and UC San Diego policies.

The Chancellor’s unit includes:

Chancellor’s Office Staff

Immediate Office Staff

Photo of Jeff Gattas

Jeff Gattas

Associate Chancellor / Chief of Staff
(858) 534-6861

Reporting to the Chancellor and working in close collaboration with the Assistant Chancellor in the Office of the Chancellor, the Assistant Chancellor / Chief of Staff is a strategic advisor to the Chancellor and the campus executive leadership team. This position is the key architect of the Chancellor's strategic communications strategies and tactics to achieve institutional goals and objectives spelled out in the campus Strategic Plan. A member of the Chancellor's Executive Cabinet, the Assistant Chancellor / Chief of Staff provides senior executive-level oversight and coordination to implement the directives and institutional initiatives of the Chancellor. The incumbent supervises Strategic Marketing and Public Affairs, Campus and Community Relations, the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination, Chancellor Communications and governmental affairs professional staff.

Photo of Suzi Sterner

Suzi Sterner

Associate Chancellor
(858) 822-4382

Reporting to the Chancellor and working in close collaboration with the Assistant Chancellor / Chief of Staff, this position provides broad scope research and analysis, as well as strategy development, to advance the Chancellor’s initiatives and vision for the university. This position provides senior executive-level oversight and coordination of campus strategic initiatives and their implentation, with a special emphasis on serving as the link between Advancement leadership and the Chancellor. The incumbent represents and acts on behalf of the Chancellor with both internal and external audiences, and identifies objectives, forumulates strategies, directs programs, coordinates resources and reports outcomes. The Assistant Chancellor has the primary responsibility for campus-wide, overarching "signature events," and for all collateral for these activities. This position supervises Creative Services and Publications, Special Events and Protocol, and immediate office staff, including student employees.

Photo of Patrick Aganon-Riedling

Patrick Aganon-Riedling

Senior Director, Executive Communications
(858) 246-5712

The Senior Director of Executive Communications develops a wide range of strategic communications on behalf of the Chancellor to broadly communicate the Chancellor's vision and initiatives to advance UC San Diego. This position provides high-level counsel to the Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff, as well as the Associate Chancellor, regarding all aspects of the Chancellor's leadership. 

Photo of Rosie Goldberg

Rosie Goldberg

Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
(858) 534-5335

The Executive Assistant to the Chancellor provides support and advice to the Chancellor on a wide range of issues involving the highest level of administrative work. This position serves as primary contact for the Chancellor, manages the Chancellor’s day-to-day schedule, plans and coordinates the Chancellor’s extensive travel schedule and undertakes unique special projects, as assigned by the Associate Chancellor/Chief of Staff on behalf of the Chancellor.

Photo of Claire Hopkins

Claire Hopkins

Director of Geisel House and Chancellor's Events
(858) 534-3774

The Director of Audrey Geisel University House and Chancellor's Events serves as the key liaison with the Special Events & Protocol Office in planning events hosted by the Chancellor.  This position is responsible for planning and managing the various events that take place at Audrey Geisel University House, as well as overseeing all day-to-day operations, maintenance, and upkeep of the property.

Photo of Christiana Gerber

Christiana Gerber

Assistant Director of Geisel House and Chancellor's Events
(858) 822-5911

The Assistant Director of Audrey Geisel University House is responsible for assisting in the overall operations and upkeep of this Registered Historical University property. Primary duties also include assisting in preparation efforts at Audrey Geisel University House before and after events, and activities sponsored or hosted by the Chancellor and/or the Associate of the Chancellor.

Photo of Jaime Lopez-Miramontes

Jaime Lopez-Miramontes

Business Operations Officer
(858) 534-5840

The Business Operations Officer oversees the day-to-day operations of the Chancellor’s Immediate Office, providing support for financial operations and ensuring adherence to established budget and University of California and UC San Diego policies. This position also serves a primary partner with the Associate Chancellor/Chief of Staff in the execution of a wide range of activities involving interaction with the campus senior leadership to further the Chancellor’s initiatives.

Photo of Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown

Executive Communications Specialist

The Executive Communications Specialist drafts content to broadly communicate the Chancellor's vision and initiatives to advance UC San Diego. This position coordinates with the Senior Director of Executive Communications in researching, writing, editing, and cataloging remarks, and in preparing speeches and presentations that are delivered by the chancellor to internal and external audiences.

Business Office Staff

Photo of Mercedes Munoz

Mercedes Munoz

Executive Director, Financial and Budget Management
(858) 534-6518

Reporting to the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer, and serving at the highest level of the institution to provide financial guidance, the Executive Director of Financial and Budget Management has oversight responsibility for the Chancellor's unit and the Advancement operation. The incumbent is a special advisor on all aspects of budgetary and financial management. This position develops, analyzes and recommends financial models that aid the university in fulfilling its mission and Strategic Plan goals. This position also serves as the University Treasurer and reports to the Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer for treasury-related duties. The Executive Director leads and supervises the Chancellor's Business Office.

Photo of Jocelyn Pacheco

Jocelyn Pacheco

Director, Business and Fiscal Affairs
(858) 534-3993

The Director provides leadership for Business and Fiscal Affairs and overall financial and human resource management services for the Chancellor’s Office and its administrative units.  Responsibilities also include the development and implementation of protocols and guidelines to ensure that comprehensive controls are in place for accurate reporting of the Chancellor’s Office business activities. This position also ensures that staff personnel and payroll processes within the Chancellor’s Office comply with University policy and serve the needs of both management and employees.

Photo of Aileen Serrano

Aileen Serrano

Lead Personnel & Financial Analyst
(858) 534-1699

The Lead Personnel & Financial Analyst manages personnel appointments for the Chancellor’s Office Vice Chancellor (VC) area and serves as the Human Resources Department liaison for all VC area departments. This position coordinates VC-wide training and staff development initiatives and programs. Responsibilities also include oversight of payroll and personnel transactions, and financial management and audit readiness of annual reports as mandated by the Office of the President.

Photo of Alyssa Cunanan

Alyssa Cunanan

Personnel & Financial Analyst
(858) 534-8573

The Personnel & Financial Analyst is responsible for human resources and fiscal management for the Chancellor’s Office and its Administrative Units. Responsibilities include payroll administration and the management of Payroll & Personnel System (PPS) data.  This position also provides support to units regarding matters related to human resources, budget, financial management and business operations.

Photo of Deanna Richardson

Deanna Richardson

Principal Budget Analyst
(858) 534-6519

The Principal Treasury Analyst provides financial and budgetary support on various treasury-related projects.  Responsibilities include the development, interpretation and implementation of financial concepts that impact the planning and control of university resources.  This position is also responsible for managing investment funds and prepares recommendations on both the allocation and projection of these sources.

Campus and Community Relations

Photo of Irma Martinez Velasco

Irma Martinez Velasco

Director, Campus and Community Relations
(858) 534-6862

The Director of Campus and Community Relations reports to the Associate Chancellor, and supports the Chancellor, Associate Chancellor and Chancellor’s staff in all areas relating to campus activities with community organizations, governmental agencies, and other non-profit organizations. Her responsibilities include day-to-day oversight of various advisory committees, such as the Chancellor's Community Advisory Board; event management for community outreach initiatives; and program development to strengthen the ties between the campus and the community. She serves as an internal consultant and departmental resource to accomplish outreach goals and the effectiveness of programs.

Campus Counsel

Photo of Daniel W. Park

Daniel W. Park

Chief Campus Counsel
(858) 822-1236

Reporting to the Chancellor and to the Vice President for Legal Affairs & General Counsel, Dan is the chief attorney for the UC San Diego campus. Dan provides legal advice, retains outside counsel, manages litigation, reviews university policies, and works closely with other administrative offices to ensure legal compliance and to respond to disputes. Dan is a member of the Chancellor’s Cabinet and the UC General Counsel’s systemwide leadership team.