About the Chancellor’s Office

The goal of the Chancellor’s Office is to support the Chancellor’s leadership of UC San Diego in fulfillment of its mission of teaching, research and service to society. Responsibilities that fall within the Chancellor’s Office range from outreach to the San Diego community to fiscal management in accordance with UC and UC San Diego policies.

The Chancellor’s unit includes:

Chancellor’s Office Staff

Immediate Office Staff

Photo of Clare Kristofco

Clare Kristofco

Associate Chancellor / Chief of Staff
(858) 534-6861
(858) 534-4523 (fax)

Reporting to the Chancellor and serving as a member of the Chancellor’s Cabinet, the Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff is the campus chief administrative officer for strategic communications and public affairs, advising the Chancellor and senior leadership, overseeing University Communications and Public Affairs (UCPA), and supervising the day-to-day administration of the Chancellor’s office. The Chief of Staff develops implementation and communication strategies to achieve the Chancellor’s and campus goals and objectives while ensuring efficient operation of the Chancellor’s immediate and business offices. Represents the Chancellor in discussions with the Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, and campus leaders. Oversees the development of the Chancellor’s campus and community relations program, highlighting outreach to the San Diego community. Provides leadership in development and implementation of the Chancellor’s initiatives with the Chancellor’s Community Advisory Board in its primary role as advocates for UC San Diego. Oversee offices within the Chancellor’s unit, including Ombuds office and the Office for Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination.

Direct leadership of University Communications and Public Affairs in development and implementation of coordinated, campus-wide messaging that positions UC San Diego as an international leader in public higher education at a major research university. Supervise all UCPA units, including Marketing and Media Relations, Special Events and Protocol, and Creative Services and Publications.

Photo of Maizie Woodall

Maizie Woodall

Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
(858) 534-5335
(858) 534-4523 (fax)

The Executive Assistant to the Chancellor provides support and advice to the Chancellor on a wide range of issues involving the highest level of administrative work. This position serves as primary contact for the Chancellor, manages the Chancellor’s day-to-day schedule, plans and coordinates the Chancellor’s extensive travel schedule and undertakes unique special projects, as assigned by the Associate Chancellor/Chief of Staff on behalf of the Chancellor.

Photo of Kim Newin

Kim Newin

Senior Project Manager
(858) 534-5336
(858) 534-4523 (fax)

The Senior Project Manager provides management support on a wide range of issues involving the University’s senior leadership and serves as point of contact for the Chancellor’s Office Senior Management Group (SMG) programs. Responsibilities include administering the varied aspects of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor recruitments and 5-year administrative reviews of both academic and non-academic SMG members reporting to the Chancellor. This position serves as Chair of the Volunteer50 Committee and is the Chancellor’s representative on the Exemplary Employee Review Panel. Additionally, the Senior Project Manager serves as the Financial Manager for the Chancellor’s Administrative Support Unit and supervises four part-time employees.

Photo of Claire Hopkins

Claire Hopkins

Chancellor's Events Manager / University House Manager
(858) 822-2950
(858) 558-9127 (fax)

The Chancellor's Events Manager / University House Manager serves as the key liaison with the Special Events & Protocol Office in planning events hosted by the Chancellor.  Traditionally held at the now closed University House, the official Chancellor's residence, the events are now held in a variety of on- and off-campus venues.  The Chancellor's Events Manager / University House Manager is responsible for planning and managing the various events that take place at University House, as well as overseeing all day-to-day operations, maintenance, and upkeep of the property.  While the University determines how best to update University House, the Chancellor's Events Manager / University House Manager continues to bear primary responsibility for the various events that now must be held at alternate venues.

Business Office Staff

Photo of Artie Evertz

Artie Evertz

Director, Business and Fiscal Affairs
(858) 534-1698
(858) 822-2651 (fax)

The Director provides leadership to her unit and overall financial and human resource management services for the Chancellor’s Office and its administrative units, while ensuring the integrity of the Chancellor’s Office.

Photo of Patty Arnett

Patty Arnett

Senior Financial Analyst
(858) 534-1699
(858) 822-2651 (fax)

The Senior Financial Analyst is responsible for the overall payroll administration and manages the day-to-day financial operations for the Chancellor’s Immediate Office, University House, Diversity Office, and Campus/Community Relations Office. She is also responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the Chancellor’s Business Office.

Photo of Erlinda Sanchez

Erlinda Sanchez

Financial Specialist
(858) 534-8573
(858) 822-2651 (fax)

The Financial Specialist is responsible for handling all financial aspects of community table purchases for the Chancellor’s Office. She is also responsible for special projects undertaken by the Chancellor’s Business Office. She serves as the contact person for the Staff Associations and Chancellor’s Advisory Committees. Her scope of responsibility includes providing consultation to the treasurers of the Staff Associations and Chancellor’s Advisory Committees and oversight of their accounts.

Campus and Community Relations

Photo of Irma Martinez Velasco

Irma Martinez Velasco

Director, Campus and Community Relations
(858) 534-6862
(858) 822-0156 (fax)

The Director of Campus Relations reports to the Associate Chancellor, supports the Chancellor, Associate Chancellor and Chancellor’s staff in all areas relating to University activities with community organizations, governmental agencies, and other non-profit organizations. Her responsibilities include day-to-day oversight of various advisory committees, provides oversight and coordination for programmatic and some infrastructure activities of the Chancellor’s Office, Women’s Center, LGBT Resource Office, and various advisory committees. She acts as internal consultant and departmental resource to accomplish their goals, assessing programmatic needs and the effectiveness of programs.

Campus Counsel

Daniel W. Park

Chief Campus Counsel
(858) 822-1236

Reporting to the Chancellor and to the Vice President for Legal Affairs & General Counsel, Dan is the chief attorney for the UC San Diego campus. Dan provides legal advice, retains outside counsel, manages litigation, reviews university policies, and works closely with other administrative offices to ensure legal compliance and to respond to disputes. Dan is a member of the Chancellor’s Cabinet and the UC General Counsel’s systemwide leadership team.