“UC San Diego Tritons are courageous, curious and driven. We take risks, push the frontiers of knowledge and challenge conventional thinking. We break things—not with abandon, but with conviction—because we know we can make them better.”

Honoring UC San Diego Supporters and Visionaries

“This evening is about celebrating UC San Diego’s 56th anniversary and our supporters who have helped us to become one of the best public research universities in the world.” – Chancellor Khosla

Peter C. Farrell, Kwan So, Chancellor Khosla, Marion So, Richard Hertzberg, Carol Dean Hertzberg, Daniel Yankelovich

The Chancellor’s Medal is one of the highest honors given by UC San Diego for exceptional service in support of the university’s mission.  It is awarded every year at the Founders Celebration dinner, which took place on Saturday night.  This year’s recipients are Peter C. Farrell, Richard and Carol Dean Hertzberg, Marion and Kwan So, and Daniel Yankelovich.  Before presenting the medals, Chancellor Khosla thanked UC San Diego’s supporters for energizing our culture of challenging convention in order to unlock mysteries, transform lives and make our world a better place.



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