“UC San Diego Tritons are courageous, curious and driven. We take risks, push the frontiers of knowledge and challenge conventional thinking. We break things—not with abandon, but with conviction—because we know we can make them better.”

Tritons on the Move

There is no doubt that UC San Diego is a global university.  Triton alumni and researchers are on every continent and in every ocean around our world.  You never know where you might run into a fellow Triton.  Prime example – Chancellor Khosla recently rendezvoused with alumnus Luke Hazelwood on a flight from the Bay Area to San Diego.  Fellow travelers on Southwest can also check out the airline’s magazine to see UC San Diego prominently featured.  Look in that backseat pocket the next time you fly or view this recent ad featuring alumna Manuelita Brown. 




2016 All Staff Picnic

Join us for the annual Staff Picnic to celebrate the contributions of our amazing and dynamic staff.