“UC San Diego Tritons are courageous, curious and driven. We take risks, push the frontiers of knowledge and challenge conventional thinking. We break things—not with abandon, but with conviction—because we know we can make them better.”

Supporting Student Scholars

EVC Elizabeth Simmons, AJ Gallo ’21, Karen Silberman, Jeff Silberman, Meghan Stern ’21, Leslie Lopez ’21, James Garrafa Luna ’21

Hearts and Scholars is an annual event that unites UC San Diego scholarship recipients with the philanthropists who support them.  This year’s dinner attracted the largest audience of scholarship supporters.  Chancellor Khosla shared with the crowd the important impact of scholarships, as they transform students’ lives and the UC San Diego community for the better because each scholarship has a ripple effect as our students use their education to change our world.  The Chancellor expressed his pride in our students’ dedication and efforts to give back to their communities and his optimism for their future accomplishments.