Transforming Lives through Educational Excellence

“Young minds flourish when given opportunity and encouragement.” – Chancellor Khosla

Chancellor Khosla with Honorary Chairs Peter and Peggy Preuss, and Erin and Peter J. Preuss, who served as the Event Committee Chair

Recently ranked the best high school in San Diego County, The Preuss School UC San Diego is renowned for its college-bound culture and extra learning time.  The longer school days and school year are possible because of the generosity of the school’s supporters who help fund the additional 18 days of education each year.  Chancellor Khosla talked about the importance of the longer learning time in preparing students for the rigors of higher education at the annual Preuss Promise Gala, which helped raise more than $400,000 for the school’s Campaign for Longer Learning Time.   He also shared that a record 39 Preuss students were offered the Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship this year at UC San Diego, and that 26 students accepted.  

Preuss Principal Scott Barton, alumna speaker Astrid Solorzano and one of her favorite teachers, Kenia Milloy

Students showcased their projects for guests

Cecil Lytle, Ann Dynes, Peter Preuss and Martin Stein

Chancellor Khosla with Event Committee members Matt Weil, Kristina Hess, Jawid Habib and Peter J. Preuss