Tackling Environmental Challenges through Strategic Partnership

As a world leader in cutting-edge research, UC San Diego is bringing experts together across disciplines and industries to advance our Strategic Plan research goal of Understanding and Protecting the Planet.  A summit was held on campus today to increase dialogue with the community about our important environmental research and showcase the cross-disciplinary work already taking place on campus.  Chancellor Khosla welcomed the leaders in research, science, advocacy and policy, and encouraged attendees to network and collaborate to engineer solutions for our global society.  He also emphasized UC San Diego’s commitment to finding solutions for the pressing global challenges facing our society, including environmental concerns.

From left to right: Moderator, Mark Merrifield, Director, Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation; Kim Prather, Distinguished Professor and Distinguished Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography; Sarah Giddings, Assistant Professor, Integrative Oceanography Division; Aneesh Subramanian, Project Scientist, Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes