Leading the Way to Carbon Neutrality

Nobel Laureate and Distinguished Professor Mario Molina, UC President Janet Napolitano, California Governor Jerry Brown and Chancellor Khosla

Through President Janet Napolitano’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative, the University of California is committed to emitting net zero greenhouse gases from its buildings and vehicle fleet by 2025, something no other major university system has done.  The UC Carbon and Climate Neutrality Summit, currently being held at UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography, aims to find scalable solutions for achieving significant greenhouse gas reductions for our state and the world.  Today’s speakers include UC President Napolitano, Nobel Laureate Mario Molina, Distinguished Professor V. Ramanathan, and California Governor Jerry Brown.  Chancellor Khosla welcomed attendees this morning by talking about UC’s role as a public research system to pioneer sustainable solutions through education, research and practice.  

To achieve carbon neutrality, we will need to take bold steps to expand energy efficiency efforts and dramatically increase use of energy from renewable sources.  This afternoon, Chancellor Khosla will lead a Chancellors Forum to discuss current and future sustainability initiatives on UC campuses.

Photo added 10/28: Chancellor Khosla with Chancellors Linda Katehi, Dorothy Leland and Kim Wilcox.

Chancellor Khosla with Universityof California President Janet Napolitano at the UC Carbon and Climate Neutrality Summit.

Chancellor Khosla introduced President Napolitano before her keynote speech.