Inducting a New Class of Academic Scholars

“We are here for you, our students, to provide you with the best possible college experience.  We will give you the tools and opportunities you need to develop into successful global citizens.  We want you to be change agents of this world and positively impact our society.”

- Chancellor Khosla

UC San Diego’s New Student Welcome Convocation marks students’ formal entry into the Triton academic community.  Last night, thousands of freshmen and transfer students assembled at RIMAC Field for the traditional event that kicks off the academic year.  During the program, Chancellor Khosla told the new students that their journeys as Tritons are just beginning, but they will last a lifetime.  Keynote speaker, Professor Carol Padden, let students know that our faculty are here for them, and urged students to keep an open mind while learning and growing at UC San Diego. 

At the end of the program, students were encouraged to write down an “I will” statement – a goal to achieve either at UC San Diego or during their lifetime.  They were then invited to meet with faculty and eat dinner under the stars.