Founders Celebration 2015

Chancellor Khosla (left) and EVC Suresh Subramani (right) with recipients of the Revelle Medal, Susan Shirk, Bud Mehan and Cecil Lytle.

Hundreds of campus members, founding faculty and community guests celebrated UC San Diego’s 55th anniversary today.  As part of the Founders Day program, the Chancellor awarded the Revelle Medal to three faculty emeriti – Cecil Lytle, Hugh “Bud” Mehan and Susan Shirk.  Recipients of the medal are illustrative of UC San Diego founder Roger Revelle’s vision to attract distinctive and innovative faculty leaders.  The medal is the highest award given by the Chancellor to a current or former faculty member, and it recognizes sustained, distinguished and extraordinary service to the campus.  Attendees at the afternoon Founders Festival enjoyed free food, student entertainment, games and activities.  

Founding faculty received a standing ovation as they processed to their seats.

Carmen Linares (above) and Stan Rodriquez (below) each offered a blessing.

Founding faculty gathered for a brunch before the program.

Students enjoyed snow cones at the Founders Festival.

Chancellor Khosla with Vice Chancellor Gary Matthews.

Chancellor Khosla signed the birthday banner for the 50th anniversary of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.