Extending a Warm Welcome to a University Friend

Top row: Chancellor Khosla, Thespine Kavoulakis, Alex Butterfield, Lynda Claassen, Claudia and Jim Prescott; Bottom row: Marye Anne Fox, Audrey Geisel

UC San Diego’s Chancellor’s residence is named the Audrey Geisel University House in recognition of Mrs. Geisel’s loyal and generous support in helping to restore the home, which reopened this winter.  Earlier this week, Chancellor Khosla and his spouse, Thespine Kavoulakis, welcomed Chancellor Emerita Marye Anne Fox and Mrs. Geisel to the house – their first visit since the renovation.  After touring the house and viewing the artwork – including several Dr. Seuss pieces – Chancellor Khosla presented Mrs. Geisel with a framed photo of the front of the house, which bears her name.