Celebrating the Gift of Education

“The gift of education is truly a gift from the heart.” – Chancellor Khosla

Chancellor Khosla with student scholars Darrell Harvey, Masato Kolzumi, Priscilla Vu, Jacob Story and scholarship supporter Dr. Roberto Padovani.

UC San Diego’s annual Hearts and Scholars dinner connects scholarship recipients with the generous philanthropists who support them.  At last night’s dinner, students thanked their supporters and shared stories about how their scholarships have positively impacted their lives.  Chancellor Khosla emphasized UC San Diego’s commitment to increase scholarships through fundraising to help ensure that all deserving students can attend our world-class university.

Scholarship supporters Robert Bingham (left) and Darcy Bingham (right) with the four students they sponsor: Tristan Ma, Alan Ramirez, Priscilla Vu and Andy Thai.

The evening's speakers: President of UC San Diego Emeriti Association and Professor Emeritus Henry C. Powell; alumna Annamarie Bezzerides; student scholar Ben Yang; Ann Dynes; UC President Emeritus and UC San Diego Chancellor Emeritus Robert C. Dynes; Chancellor Khosla.