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Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (VC EDI)

The proposal for the creation of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (VC EDI) follows the “portfolio model” in which the VC EDI has direct responsibility for a range of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and offices and the individuals in those areas with responsibility for the initiative. 

The VC EDI will be a direct report to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, with an indirect reporting to the Chancellor.  This reporting relationship is advanced as the most financially viable and cost-effective organizational structure.

A key task of the new VC EDI will be to develop an appropriate organizational framework either through collaborations and/or by strengthening existing partnerships with diversity and outreach functions across campus that affect all members of our University community. As initially proposed, student and staff diversity liaisons are indirect reports to the VC EDI, and faculty diversity is a direct report.  The VC EDI will establish an Advisory Council representing campus constituencies.  With the Board’s advice, the VC EDI will develop and implement a campus-wide strategic plan on equity, diversity and inclusion. The Strategic Plan will inform the final core administrative responsibilities, propose metrics to gauge progress, and identify potential additional areas of responsibility reporting directly to the office of the VC EDI.  The VC EDI will serve as a member of the Chancellor’s executive Cabinet and will be an ex officio member of the Campus Climate Council and the Diversity Council. 

Following discussion with the Executive Vice Chancellor and the Vice Chancellors, the initial core administrative responsibilities in the portfolio of the VC EDI are proposed below.

Core Administrative Responsibilities and Staff of VC EDI

Full-time as Vice Chancellor

VC EDI Direct Reports:
Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Equity
Assistant (Vice) Chancellor for Diversity
Full-time administrative assistant
Full-time admin specialist for financials for Campus Community Centers
Three Campus Community Center Directors
Eight additional professional staff in 3 Campus Community Centers

Cross-Cultural Center
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center
Women’s Center

Indirect Reports:        
Staff Diversity Liaison
Undergraduate Student Diversity Liaison
Graduate Student Diversity Liaison
Office of Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Advisory Groups:
Faculty Equity Advisors
Graduate Diversity Coordinators
Staff Associations (11 staff associations)
Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues (GISOI)
Committee on the Status of Women (CSW)
Campus Council on Climate, Culture and Inclusion
Diversity Council



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